Wang Korea Bibimbap Hot Pepper Paste 500g

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Korean Red Hot Pepper Paste

Gochujang is a signature Korean ingredient made from sun-dried red chile pepper flakes (Gochugaru), glutinous rice, fermented soybean, and salt. As an essential part of Korean cooking, the red paste creates a deep and spicy flavor with a subtle fiery aroma. Thick and spicy, Gochujang gives sweet heat to everything from tteokbokki to Korean barbeque.

  • Essential pantry item
  • Thick and spicy red hot pepper paste
  • Sun-dried gochugaru
  • No added MSG
  • Made in Korea

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gochujang redpepperpaste koreanfood

Sun-Dried Gochugaru

No Added MSG

All Natural

Essential ingredient for Korean cuisine


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Korean BBQ Marinade

Bibimbap Dip Sauce

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