Simply Food Pork and Bamboo Shoot Glass Vermicelli Glass Instant Noodle Bowl

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  • FAST AND FLAVORFUL - Try the delicious taste of Pork and Bamboo Shoot Vermicelli (Mien Mang Gio Heo) instantly! The Vietnamese Style Pork and Bamboo flavored broth pairs perfectly with the subtle taste and texture from the glass noodles. 
  • PREMIUM GLASS NOODLES - Our glass noodles are perfectly formulated to absorb the flavors from the soup broth leaving a soft and chewy texture. These noodles are translucent. 
  • QUICK AND EASY - Our Vermicelli noodle soup are prepared in only 3 minutes! All you need to add is hot water!
  • HEALTHIER - Non-GMO, and No Cholesterol. There is no need to feel guilty consuming our instant noodle bowls.
  • COMPLEX or SIMPLE - Enhance this bowl of instant noodle with your favorite proteins and aromatic herbs or enjoy as is! Either way-- it’s delicious!
Size: 1 count