Kikkoman Sweet Soy Glaze 11.8 oz

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Sweet-savory flavor combinations never go out of style. Kikkoman has perfected the combination in new Kikkoman Sweet Soy Glaze, a classic Japanese finishing sauce with a lustrous glaze that you can brush on top of all kinds of grilled and fried foods, and that's ideal as a condiment and dipping sauce.
Now, you can enhance the flavor of everything from burgers, steaks and poultry to seafood and veggies with Kikkoman Sweet Soy Glaze. Made with traditionally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce and sweet rice wine, it’s pre-thickened so you can brush it onto all kinds of foods. You’ll get an instant appetizing sheen and a rich, mouthwatering flavor.
Made in the USA.
No MSG added.