CHINSU Chili Sauce 250g

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Water, Sugar, Fresh Chili, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Fresh Garlic, Condensed Monosodium Glutamate, Acetic Acid

Chinsu Chili Sauce is mildly spicy with a hint of garlic and sweetness from tomatoes. The sauce can be used for different purposes, ranging from marinating meat to fruit salad platter, barbecue sauce, dipping sauce, etc.

Chinsu Chili Sauce is from Quang Ngai province. The ingredients are picked when ripe to preserve the best taste and colour. Quang Ngai province is the best area for cultivating high-quality Chili in Vietnam.

Spicy Delicious Flavour
Mildly spicy with a hint of garlic and tomato
Use the sauce with Pho, chicken wings, beef steak and more
Number one Chili sauce in Vietnam
Size: 250g