Chuong Duong Sarsi ( Sa xi) 330 ml

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CHUONG DUONG SARSI was once known as the king of the beverage industry in Vietnam.

This is the largest beverage factory in the South in the period before 1975 with the brand name “TIGER SARSI.”

Thanks to its distinctive Sarsi flavor, Chuong Duong’s Sarsi products are enthusiastically received by most people and naturally become an indispensable product on important occasions for most Southern families.

The main product of Chuong Duong Beverages JSC is SAXI CHUONG DUONG, a well-known product in Vietnam through generations.

At the present time, SAXI CHUONG DUONG is still “haunted” by many people to have more opportunities to reminisce and review old memories.

The taste of SAXI CHUONG DUONG over the years still retains its unique and characteristic features, although it is still sweet, it brings a mild, cool aftertaste and especially helps to support digestion and warm the body due to the ingredients from Star Anise and Cinnamon.

The ingredients contain extraction of Cinnamon and Star Anise that make SAXI CHUONG DUONG different from other Sarsi-flavored soft drinks.

These botanicals are believed by the older generation to support better digestion and circulation